How to Make Money Online from Blogging


Can you really make money online? A question that has been asked countless of times, proven in many ways yet doubt still lingers. The online industry has opened so many doors when it comes to career and financial opportunities. A nameless writer can turn into a famous blogger, a bum into a brilliant entrepreneur or a local business can become a household brand. Those are not myths but realities that most of us can only dream of. But the truth about making money online can only become a fact depending on how you make of it.

More than a decade ago, blogging is just a hobby for those who want to keep tabs of their experiences, pastimes, ideas or opinions. However this very simple and quiet activity has turned into a revolutionary phenomenon that enables businesses and individuals to actually create potential income streams.

Most of you might speculate that blogging is only about selling your stuff so you can make money. But what would happen if you don’t have any goods to sell? Will you not have any chance of earning money online? Of course not! The reason why blogging is still considered as one of the top money-making tools is that it is a money-making tool.

Here are some of the different ways of making money online through blogging:

I’m not saying you should fill your blogs with super-large images because people will only find it too distracting. Offering an advertising space is more on what we are referring here. A lot of websites would look for blogs where they can promote their services. They will look for those blogs that their target audience would most likely follow. This way, they can increase their exposure while you can get paid for directing traffic to their site.

What do you do best? Do you write real well, create beautiful graphics, produce online videos or even offer helpful advice? Try to showcase your skills through your blog and offer your services to those who need it. Finding your forte is discovering how you can use blogging as the tool to share to the world what you can offer.

Affiliate or networking programs are becoming a very popular way in turning your blog into an income-generating site. You recommend products to your audience by writing reviews or mentioning their goods and services where appropriate. Anyone who purchased from them through you means you get a part of the sale they make.

One great example is the Empower Network program especially with the launching of their new mobile blogging platform, the Blog Beast. Not only will you have an effective blogging system but you can also help others find additional stream of income.
There are still more ways of making money online through your blog but you have to be willing enough to dedicate time and resources. Be consistent with what you do and never take your blog for granted. When you want to be successful then work for it and who know, you might be the next online sensation.


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